Dodgen Orchestra



​Our annual cheesecake fundraiser has begun!  Students received packets during class on Friday.  Please be sure to read everything in the packet.

Here are some important reminders:

---Orchestra students are raising money for the Orchestra only.  

---Students should collect money when someone signs up to buy an item.

---Checks should be made payable to student's parent.  Parents deposit all checks and cash into their personal checking account.  Then, parents write ONE FINAL CHECK to: DODGEN MIDDLE SCHOOL.  This helps our school bookkeeper by limiting the number of checks and cash per student.

---Customers can pay on-line with at  Students wrote the Orchestra code on their fundraiser envelopes.  

---Donations are gladly accepted.  All donations go directly the the Orchestra.  

---All orders are due by TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10.

---We will be uploading an interactive FINAL ORDER FORM to this site by the end of August. 

---All cheesecake fundraising items will be delivered on October 16.  Students will receive detailed "Delivery Day Information" in early October.