Marietta, Georgia (Cobb County School District)

Dodgen M.S. Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra is an elite ensemble that meets every Monday and Thursday morning from 8:00am-8:55am.    

The Dodgen Chamber Orchestra has performed at the GMEA In-Service Conference in 2011, 2015 and 2018.  The Chamber Orchestra performed at the United Nations in New York City in February 2019.  The Chamber Orchestra won First-Place---Middle School Orchestra Division at the

2017 National Orchestra Festival, and performed at the 2020 National Orchestra Festival.  

Chamber Orchestra is an audition-only group.  

Auditions will be VIRTUAL this year.  Students will record their audition and submit it to our Flipgrid link.  The Flipgrid link will be posted here on Monday, January 18.  Auditions will be accepted in Flipgrid from January 18 through January 22.  ALL AUDITIONS MUST BE POSTED IN FLIPGRID BY 8:00AM ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 22.  NO EXCEPTIONS.   

Audition Requirements for the 2021 Semester:

1)  Violin---2 or 3 octave G Major Scale/arpeggio and A Major                                         Scale/arpeggio

     Viola and Cello---2 or 3 octave C Major Scale/arpeggio and                                    D Major Scale/arpeggio

     Bass---2 octave F Major Scale/arpeggio and G Major                             Scale/arpeggio

  (***Important reminders for scales:  All scales MUST be memorized.  More points will be given for 3 octave scales(violin, viola, cello).  Vibrato on scales should only be used once intonation is 100% accurate.***)

2)  Short excerpt(30-45 seconds) of a solo piece (***Important reminders:  It is better to play a slightly easier piece cleanly than a piece that is too difficult played inaccurately.  Pieces should demonstrate strengths of the player.) 

‚ÄčThere will be NO sight-reading for the audition.