Dodgen Orchestra

District All-State Orchestra Audition Etudes for Middle School Orchestra VIOLIN Wohlfahrt: Foundation Studies for the Violin, Carl Fischer, Rachel Barton Pine Edition Book 2, #13. QN=92 (or #13 in Merle J. Isaac edition)

VIOLA (or #38 in Merle J. Isaac edition)

CELLO Schroeder: 170 Foundation Studies, Carl Fischer, Volume 1, #63 Dotted QN=100

DOUBLE BASS Sturm: 110 Studies op. 20, International, Volume I, No. 54. QN=72

Scales and Arpeggios for Middle School Orchestra:

Student will be asked to play the following scales and arpeggios, separate bows (QN = 100):

VIOLIN G and A major, 3 octaves

VIOLA C and D major, 3 octaves

CELLO C and D major, 3 octaves

BASS F and G major, 2 octaves


 All-State Orchestra is comprised of the best players from around the state of Georgia.  The event is held in early March at the Classic Center in Athens, GA.  In order to be selected as a member of All-State Orchestra, students must pass two rounds of audition.  The first audition is at the district-level.  Students who pass the district-level auditions move on to the state-level audition.  Students are selected for All-State Orchestra at the state-level audition.

All-State Orchestra 2020 will be held on March 5-7, 2020 at The Classic Center in Athens, GA.  

The first-round audition(county level) will be on Saturday, October 19 at Pope High School.  Exact audition times for students will be given to students on October 7.  

 ***The registration deadline for All-State auditions was August 30.  If you did not register with Mrs.Culley by August 30, you will not be able to register for the All-State auditions this school year.***